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(saving of text files has been disabled on this public website demo. TEXT FOLDING is designed to run on a Windows PC as a desktop application or on intranets. For instructions and download click settings and read instructions.) TEXT FOLDING By David Andrew Bardes TEXT FOLDING - A personal productivity project board to greatly speed efficiency and manage a larger number of complex projects. Perfect for business owners, salespeople, managers, HR offices, lawyers, doctors, accountants, clubs, as well as for personal use organizing and accessing everything in your life. What "code folding" did for the computer programmer (greatly increased productivity and efficiency) TEXT FOLDING will do for the business world. Combining the "stacked bars" process that air traffic controllers use to manage critical "To Do" items, along with the simplicity of storing and accessing notes in common text files, viewing and printing PDF documents, viewing webpages and graphics, running PHP scripts, or any other documents or programs that run in a web browser, TEXT FOLDING breaks new ground in instant access to large amounts of information.
A Single "index.php" Page (only 120k) TEXT FOLDING consists of a single tiny PHP file, which when run creates the necessary support files (just text files, no databases.) To create a new instance of TEXT FOLDING, simply create a new directory, drop in the 'index.php' file and run it. TEXT FOLDING runs entirely in its own directory. TEXT FOLDING is coded for the Windows PC (but can be edited on your own for other systems) that runs in a personal PHP server running as a desktop application on your PC (or off a memory stick.) I use and recommend the always free PHPBrowserBox personal PHP server because there is nothing to install. Just unzip the file and run the executable. There are no settings to fool with, and it works well on my Windows 11 PC. TEXT FOLDING (along with PHPBrowserBox PHPBrowserBox) can run entirely on a USB memory stick. As long as you plug it into a Windows PC, you can carry your organization with you in your pocket. TEXT FOLDING can be used on closed corporate extranets, but should never be used on a public website. As visitors could create, edit, and save files, which would wreak havoc on your website. Creates Unique Viewport for Text Files When the fold drops down to display the contents of a text file. A viewport is created as a web browser within a web browser. The folded browser loads the text file in what is called a "white-space." This allows common text files to render correctly without need of HTML tags, yet you can insert HTML tags into the text files and they will be processed and displayed. It creates a new kind of space that is welcomed. LICENSE TEXT FOLDING is free for personal and business use. If you incorporate the code into programs that you sell or distribute, for a suggested donation of $20, I will send you a waiver and an unlimited no cost use license. Only a reference to TEXT FOLDING and David Andrew Bardes as programmer is required. For instructions and download click settings and read instructions.